Nobody knows that much about the birth and the childhood of the Flying-Cat.
He was probably born in Europe and his family immigrated to USA at the beginning of the 20th century but no document certifies that…
He made himself known from people in America in 1934 by saving several families during a building blaze in Chicago. USA discovered then the super powers of this extraordinary cat. Het gets quickly famous and wins renown by heroic acts such as saving numerous widows and orphan girls. He teamed up for a while with his friend Superman. They came to fall out after the Flying Cat’s declarations in the newspapers about Superman’s dirty underpants.
in 1942, he is the first and the unique cat of the history to volunteer for enlistment in the US Army. He actively participates to the fighting in Europe and gets several medals. His fame reaches then its peak!
In the 50th, he is involved in an intense love affair with Catwoman with whom he forms the most glamorous couple of the post-war years. He provokes jealousy of a few super heroes, especially Batman. Several historians consider that the latter is the source of the Flying Cat’s troubles with McCarthyism
Because he strongly protested against pharmaceutical tests done on cats, the Flying Cat is accused of destabilization attempts of the US industry and colluding with the communist enemy.
The downward spiral started… He first looses his overflight permission of the U.S. metropolises and is thus limited to ordinary super heroes missions in the countryside.Abandoned by his sponsors, gradually ignored by the people, neglected by Catwoman, he falls into the hellish world of drugs.
Prosecuted for several sex scandals, he is forced to go into exile heading to Europe.
It is then difficult to know his life course but we know that he led a dissolute life between Paris and London.
He frequented the underground musical sphere and attempted to do a come back, with no success. In 1977, he participated to the choirs of the Sex Pistol’s “Never Mind the Bollocks”. It is likely that he was the true performer of Plastic Bertrand’s song “Ca plane pour moi”.

To earn his living, he is forced to work in a renown theme park. For almost a decade, he puts on every single day the disguise of the most famous mouse in the world, this is the peak of his decline.
He lives since early 2000 a simple life with his wife and kittens in the Vexin region, no so far from Paris. In the autumn of his life, to spend his leisure time, to assuage his thirst for discoveries, his appetite for new tastes and his will for creation, he starts to brew his own beers.
In 2010, during a hippy fair, he meets Sylvain Delord and Jean-Marc Giraud who share the same love for craft beers. Totally on the same page, they decide to create together the Flying Cat beers (les Bières du Chat-Volant).
His super powers are first useful for physical tasks: malt grinding, brewing, bottling, transport… His extraordinary sensorial awareness allows him to find and select the very best ingredients: fine malts, rare and aromatic hops, sublime spices…
This surely explains the exceptional taste of the beers of Le Chat-volant. Despite the success of his beers, he keeps on living simply looking after his family and creating new beer recipes to make people happy !